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Sober Living Homes
In Tyler, Texas

Refugio House operates transitional sober living homes in Tyler, TX that equip persons in recovery from substance use disorders with the resources, accountability, and community to find lasting freedom.

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Hope is here. Recovery is possible.

Refugio House is not addiction treatment. There are no counselors or licensed mental health professionals on staff. Our home is run by people who are also in recovery. This method is known as the Peer Recovery Model. Transitional housing prepares you to model recovery in your own home in the future. Fully furnished and loaded with amenities, our sober living homes in Tyler, TX, are truly home to our grateful residents.

Rehab is not enough

Inpatient treatment is a start, but it's only a start. Treatment facilities are time-limited in their ability to aid in substance abuse recovery. A traditional detox or inpatient treatment program may last as little as ten to twenty-eight days. This short period is based not upon scientific research data, but on what insurance companies routinely pay. A one month detox, however, is not usually enough time to achieve lasting recovery. That's why Refugio House does not place a time limit on our residents' recovery program. We believe the most qualified person to determine the length of a recovery program is the individual resident himself/herself. We encourage our transitional housing residents to stay as long as they need to reestablish their physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and emotional recovery. This process takes months - often years.

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Why choose Refugio House?

We have experienced firsthand the transformation that results from living and working in drug and alcohol-free sober homes.

  • Community


    The challenge for the person in early recovery is that he or she usually returns to the same environment and relationships that aided and enabled the original substance abuse or co-occurring disorder. Such an unhealthy environment increases the probability of relapse. Refugio House, however, is a drug and alcohol-free community of peers who actively support one another along the path to recovery.

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  • Accountability


    Refugio House is not a treatment facility. We have peer-driven, professionally managed sober living homes that aim to give our residents the tools to recover. Peers uphold the rules, recommend sanctions, and have a real voice in determining the makeup of their community. Our peer-driven model has been proven to be far more effective than short-term inpatient treatment alone for relapse and harm reduction.

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  • Life Resources

    Life Resources

    At Refugio House, we believe in a holistic approach to recovery. We help you find a job, provide you with a stable support system, and stand by your side as you reacclimate to life in a safe environment. We encourage you to rebuild your spiritual life, as well. Lasting recovery doesn't just mean breaking unhealthy habits. It means finding hope and purpose again.

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