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Ted Hunt

Executive Director

Recovery Support Peer Specialist
Texas Cert# 1389-1121

My name is Ted Hunt. I am the owner of Refugio House. I have 30 years’ experience owning businesses in the waste industry and in property management services. Alcohol became a serious problem about 18 years ago leading to the failure of two marriages and several trips to treatment and sober living in Texas and South Florida. Ultimately, I served prison time in Texas for DWI.

Through the kind and patient help of many volunteers, professionals, family, and friends, I was given lasting recovery from a loving God who met me where I was and guided me to Him through the Twelve Steps and through the ministry of my church.

My goal with Refugio House is to provide stable support for other men and women transitioning from treatment back to family life and society.

Our Azalea Men’s House is managed by Josh Drawhorn and Gary Roberts who both live on the property. Josh managed a sober community in the Houston area a few years back. He has a solid recovery program, no nonsense approach to management, and a heart for saving folks’ lives from ruin. He is a great asset to our community. Gary is assistant manager. He has done well translating his business management experience into the sober living milieu.

The Green Acres Women’s House is managed by Lauren Heflin and Samantha Thompson. Samantha lives on the property, and Lauren supervises the entire women’s program. Lauren was the Dallas-East representative for Oxford House, Inc. for several years. She founded and managed dozens of Oxford Houses in North Texas, East Texas, and Northwest Louisiana.